Self Mastery 2-Day Experience



SELF-MASTERY: Developing Leaders from the Inside provides a comprehensive, individualized learning system which helps leaders understand and utilize their learning intelligence and unique personal power to thrive in their personal and professional lives.


First, spend two days with Amanda Carrothers personally. You get her undivided attention, knowledge and expertise to help you grow. Participants leave these two days fully prepared and inspired to create a difference in their work and their life.

Day one – we spend looking at where you are today. We use surveys and 360’s Assessments to provide rich feedback and compliment the day.
Day two is about where are you going and your plan for getting there. We answer questions like What is the purpose of your life? How does your life purpose fulfill and align with your business purpose? What is significant and most valuable to you? How to do you live your reality from this inspiring place? At the end of this day, you leave with a plan for implementing all the personalized leadership development you gained.
After the 2-days, Amanda coaches you to implement your plan that you created from the two-day program with personal attention. Imagine three months of coaching to implement your plan. As you take new actions, Amanda will be supporting you 100% of the way. You meet on Skype or in person. Each session is 60 minutes to integrate, reinforce, and support your new understandings of your self-knowledge and your greatness.

After the three months of weekly support and a high integration has occurred you have the option to stay connected to your leadership gains as well as meet a community of others who have been through this process by becoming an Embodied for Life member. This membership contains multiple business networking opportunities, continued leadership and management training and coaching, and resources are available to you at special pricing all throughout the year.

Leaders gain insight into:

  • How they process information through a plethora of tools based on neuroscience, psychology, somatics, sports philosophy, nutrition, biomechanics and quantum physics.
  • Explore their behaviors, attitudes and the effects towards themselves and their success.
  • Be able to recognize their personal influencing style, be aware of its implications regarding relationship building and negotiation.
  • Understand how they give/receive feedback and its effects on others and the organization.
  • How they react to given information in their environment and stress factors.
  • The intelligent elements of body awareness; stress factors and healthy coping strategies.
  • Understanding their personal comfort levels within the work environment and how it affects their work/life.


  • KNOWING themselves more intimately so they get out of their way.
  • Identifying personal and professional barriers to a significant and purposeful life.
  • Engage in taking responsibility for their own personal and professional develop and growth.
  • Gain the ability to productively communicate with others leading to purposeful results.
  • Have a variety of active learning and awareness tools.
  • Plan for the future from a whole new taped-in, a turned-on perspective that creates the life they imagine.
  • Due to the intimate and focused nature of this experience, Dates available are extremely limited, so you must reserve your place well in advance.


About Amanda Carrothers:

For over 20 years, Amanda Carrothers has worked with over 6500 people from more than 41 countries; her clients have included multi-million-dollar business owners, sports stars, celebrities, presidents and leaders as well as hard-working people from all walks of life around the world.  One-on-one or in groups Amanda works intelligently to make a difference in the quality of every individual’s life.  She supports every person to “Stand in Your Greatness. Today”