Work with Amanda

handshakeHarness your full and powerful potential

Our clients have said, time and time again, that they would never return to the way they were before we started working together. To this day, they love the more embodied, fully empowered manifestation of themselves because it shows in everything they do – from the way they work with others to a new approach for living life itself.   

     Two Options to Develop Your Performance…Your ‘Amazingness’…Your Power:

Option 1:

12 Sessions to Jump-Start Your Transformation:

Conducted on a weekly or bi-monthly basis – either by phone/Skype or in-person in Colorado – these sessions help you become familiar with your inner power as you learn how to ‘turn up the volume’ of your own life. You may choose to focus on either your professional or personal self; it’s up to you. What matters most is what you bring to the conversation. That’s what we work on as we apply the customized content Amanda carefully developed over the past 20-plus years to maximize human potential.

Option 2:

2 Full-Days with Amanda:

During our time together in this highly energized two-day session, you will gain a solid foundation and leave differently than when you started. Working together, you and Amanda follow a path of conversation and practice to create new levels of awareness along with transformational thinking patterns and behaviors, all of which establish a solid foundation for living an empowered new life. Personal and Professional focus is an essential part of this invigorating experience.

6 Follow-up ‘Embody’ Sessions:

These bi-monthly follow-up sessions deeply integrate the experience above to spark implementation of new actions. We promise an enjoyable experience, also that you will walk away with a new sense of inner confidence and power.

(*Our team will happily connect out-of-state clients with local lodgings created for rest and relaxation. For more information simply give us a call.)


Amanda is available to come into your organization and work with your entire team.  She aligns leaders at all levels to deliver on the value proposition as quickly as possible.  Inquire within for more information.