Onsite Coaching & People Development

Are you getting the most from your people? Embody Power is YOUR Onsite People Development Resource!

The one common denominator in all organizations is the people. If your people are effective personally, take accountability instead of blaming others, communicate pro-actively, resolve conflict readily, and express themselves to contribute to the brain trust of the organization… how far could you go?

An organization that thinks and acts strategically and holds itself and its people accountable for results.

There would be energy inside this organization. People would be strengthening relationships with their co-workers, there would be laughter a sense of community and an organization that is exceeding its challenges and competitors. How would you enjoy working there? Add to that an organizational structure which not only has but shares, a clear, purposeful vision.

Embody Power can be a major partner with your organization. We work with many companies who don’t usually have an internal training department AND want the best for your people. We develop your leaders. We bring your people to the next level of business.

  • Executive and management coaching – Group or Individual
  • Leadership development plans
  • Organizational and leadership assessments
  • Conflict resolution
  • 360-degree leadership evaluations
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Customized training solutions
  • Facilitation of team and group meetings
  • Employee and team interventions
  • Onboarding support
  • New hire consultations and coaching

Embody Power’s Case Study

Hostile Employees Impacting the Bottom Line.

Challenge: Steady decrease in employee morale at a rising CPA & Payroll Firm stalls company growth. Clients were 95% happy, but internal team members have to walk on eggshells to get things done.

Assessment: Embody Power interviewed executive and managers to assess the causes of a slide in morale and productivity. Following were the key contributors:

  • Inconsistent organizational communications
  • Unclear job expectations
  • Supervisors not providing actionable performance feedback to employees
  • Poorly defined promotion eligibility
  • Lack of leadership direction

Solution: Embody Power partnered with the company’s management team to:

  • Develop a prioritized action plan based on employee feedback and fiscal year goals from the Business Owner and executives
  • Initiated 1-1 Coaching Sessions for key employees to find strengths and weakness in management skills as well as overall job performance
  • Initiated a company-wide communications strategy
  • Formalized and communicated critical policies
  • Delivered targeted supervisor training focused specifically on:
  • Setting communication job expectations
  • Providing performance Feedback
  • Encouraging practices related to transparent and regular feedback and relationship building

Outcomes: Within eight months of our engagement the company increased profit by 18%. It continued to grow in the following months. The company obtained its goal of keeping it’s key people, improving company morale while accomplished much more because tensions were eased.

  • Better alignment and communication between the major leaders and staff
  • Better employee performance expectations and business goals
  • Clarity around job expectations for both supervisors and staff
  • Stronger relationships and trust
  • Entire staff felt ease because all issues were brought out in the open to discuss, learn from, and grow
  • Increased production through more frequent feedback and mentoring and coaching
  • Tangible improvement in overall employee engagement and satisfaction