Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

It’s time to get out of your own way.

We face an unprecedented moment in history, a time when human minds are unable to keep pace with social and technological changes we feel increasingly forced to follow.

In order to stand powerfully in the workplace, in this increasingly complex world, you must reach for new levels of personal and professional potential. To get there, you must increase your self-awareness and identify what will make you a ‘stand-out’ from the rest – those qualities that will transform you from being simply ‘good’ to ‘Being GREAT’.

98% of the Leaders Leaders participating in Embody Power’s Coaching have experienced:  “the coaching engagement has improved my job performance.”

To make it happen, I will be bold with you. That’s my job.

I will reflect your blind-spots. I will provide “push-back” (being however loud and ‘pushy’ I need to be). I will help you stand tall, in order to make you feel taller than you have ever felt in your life: taller in leadership, taller in the knowledge of your inner power…the power you were born to harness in order to attack problems and challenges from all-new dimensional perspectives.

I will spark new levels of energy inside of you and in what you do with:

  • Research
  • Assessment
  • Focused Attention
  • Compelling Questions
  • Experiential Activities
  • New Dialog

All of the above systematically evolved through many years of my own direct coaching experience, as I worked with, and empowered, hundreds of business models. I have accordingly discovered and developed strategic new methodologies that produce:

  • New powers of concentration you never knew you had
  • Your ability to see, and explore, problem-solving solutions that will overcome any challenge
  • Measurable results generating exciting new levels of personal and professional success


As we work together you acquire:

  1. Fresh New Ways of Thinking. Our conversations inspire your best thought processing. I challenge your assumptions and provide a platform for you to implement insights in your life that will help you work with confidence.
  2. Enhanced Decision Making. I support your evolution by providing a sounding board for your toughest decisions.
  3. Accountability. With no agenda other than to help you succeed, I test your assumptions. Working together, we uncover opportunities. When you commit to act on those opportunities, I will hold you accountable for taking the action to do so!
  4. Accelerated Growth through Clarity… is all about continuous, accelerated, practical learning, and about turning solid intentions into lasting results.

 More than 93% of Leaders participating in Embody Power’s Coaching have experienced: 

  • Acquired a toolbox of new leadership techniques and processes, management models, and evaluation instruments, which generated rapid-self-organizing l
    eadership agility, resulting in new levels of executive competence.
  • Found new ways to articulate and arouse enthusiasm for a shared vision and mission for their organization
  • Gained the confidence to step-up and lead, as needed, and regardless of position
  • Achieved the wisdom to effectively guide the performance of others while holding them accountable
  • Learned to lead by example
  • Discovered immediate ‘real-time’ methods invaluable for handling critical issues
  • Improved their ability to respect and relate well to people from varied backgrounds
  • Understood diverse worldviews while adding sensitivity to group differences
  • Visualized diversity as an opportunity to create an environment where diverse cultures can thrive together
  • Challenged bias and intolerance
  • Enjoyed New Inspiration rather than remaining bogged-down by challenge

                       Over the past 20 years Amanda has worked closely with…

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Senior leaders
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Leaders-in-Transition
  • Teams
  • Small Business Owners
  • Philanthropists
  • Amazing People who now Take the Bull by the Horns and Achieve

We’re Talking About the Real Movers and Shakers in this World!

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