Emotional Sabotage

Have your emotions sabotaged your success?

Too many people lose control of their emotions in critical situations when overstressed. When they do, they may leave behind an irreparable, emotional wake in the process, along with lingering conflict that could affect personal relationships and unnecessarily cost a business millions of dollars due to: severed communications, unfinished projects, workarounds, lost deadlines and costly turnover.

We have all worked with emotionally volatile people without knowing how to derail related volatility and expensive outcomes, which could have been avoided with a bit of professional, third-party intervention.

For more than fifteen years, Amanda has helped hundreds of people achieve higher levels of success while protecting others from falling victim to uncontrollable emotional outbursts. As far back as 2001, she developed a trademark “remapping process” allowing each client to permanently eliminate the damaging sabotage of ‘emotional reaction’ under stress.

This Program is for you IF…

You are in a leadership position exposing people to your behavior.
You have uncontrollable emotional outbursts.
You have lost all hope of maintaining emotional control in certain situations.
You feel that your emotional outbursts are justified despite feedback to the contrary.
What YOU get from US…

  • Self-awareness
  • Methods for putting people ‘At Ease.’
  • Straightforward composure
  • Techniques for building and mending relationships
  • Confronting problems from a different place emotionally to make people want to be closer to you

…Simply put, we will show you how to “make peace” with the world around you.

“Amanda Carrothers worked with my engineering staff to assist us in resolving internal communication issues that we were having in our company. She worked with me to pinpoint our issues, developed a “plan of action”, met one-on-one with several staff members, and followed up with a staff-wide mediation session. Coming out of the mediation session, our staff was showing (and continues to show) markedly improved communication skills, a better sense of trust with each other, and an overall sense that “we’re all in this together!”

—Lisa A. Goodbee
President, Goodbee and Associates

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